Monday, October 19, 2009

Sherman Lewis makes a comeback!

A couple of weeks ago Sherman Lewis was retired, and as of today he will be taking over the play-calling for Jim Zorn. That must be awkward. Great idea, really must be building team chemistry in DC. Maybe owner Dan Snyder's plan is to now tempt Brett Favre back to the Redskins with his former offensive coordinator. Yeah, that's a joke, but with Snyder believable.

Can anyone get an offense in DC to work? This is the writing on the wall for Jim Zorn as the Redskins coach. Quite frankly, the Redskins have been terrible for the last few years, and Jason Campbell is not the future. Not to mention Clinton Portis seems to be on the decline. Dan Snyder needs to start brainstorming for his first successful idea as the Redskins owner. After this season, let the firestorm begin.

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