Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who are the real contenders?

Four teams remain unbeaten in the NFL going into Week 4. The Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts, and the Baltimore Ravens all hold the record of 3-0. The Broncos have to be the surprise team of the season with a new QB, new head coach, and of course a league leading defense? Yes, they have only allowed 16 points on their way to 3-0. Even with facing the terrible offensives of Oakland and the Browns, but still giving up only 16 points to three NFL teams is quite the feat. However, that defense will be tested against Tony Romo and the Cowboys this weekend. In the biggest game of the season, Brett Favre will welcome his former team to the Metrodome, which should be a barn burner with these two offenses on the field. This will be a tough match up between both teams and the division lead hangs in the balance. Baltimore also has a big game against the Patriots, but with a Ray Lewis defense against a struggling Tom Brady and Co. the Ravens look like the better team. And finally, the Colts take on the Seahawks, and Seattle just doesn't match up well against the Colts offense (if anyone does) giving Peyton Manning plenty of time to find the Pierre Garcon's of the world and raise the Colts record to 4-0.

Out of the four undefeated teams, the Colts and Ravens seem to the real contenders. Minnesota needs to win this week, as they were able to hold off the 49ers last week to prove they can play back-to-back big games. Unfortunately, with Orton and the Broncos their schedule just gets tougher as they move forward, and they are the pretender of this group.


James said...

cutler and the broncos?

A.Guss said...

yeah typo...was thinking how much cutler has sucked which reminds me of orton