Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Really Jon Heyman? Really?

Jon Heyman (@SI_JonHeyman for you twitter folk), baseball writer for Sports Illustrated released his ballot for the MVP voting. What isn't a surprise is he has Albert Pujols winning the NL MVP. I'm pretty sure we all know that Albert will have a runaway win. He also has Joe Mauer winning the AL MVP, once again, no surprise.

What is a surprise, is the name he left off of his list:

1. Albert Pujols 2. Troy Tulowitzki 3. Ryan Howard 4. Andre Ethier 5. Hanley Ramirez 6. Matt Kemp 7. Chris Carpenter 8. Adam Wainwright 9. Chase Utley 10. Matt Holliday

That's right, one Prince Fielder seems to be omitted!

I understand that writer's put a lot of emphasis on teams who make the playoffs, and they should! This is why Albert Pujols deserves to be a runaway winner with numbers just slightly better than Fielder's because his team made it. However, you can't ignore a player that has had a statistical monster of a season. Plus if playoffs is what Heyman was going for, why is Hanley Ramirez hanging out at #5 on his list?

In the end it is all for not, because no one will ever remember the 2nd or 3rd place MVP ballot winners, because they aren't actually MVP winners, but a little respect for Fielder's season would be nice. Jon Heyman, you lost almost all respect from me.

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