Monday, October 12, 2009

Packers sign Tauscher. Offensive line still crappy.

In a bit of non-shocking news, is reporting that the Packers have signed veteran offensive lineman and former Packer Mark Tauscher to a contract. Tauscher will have the bye week and then two more bye weeks as the Packers will play the Lions and the Browns. Marky-Mark will have to get in shape soon though as the Packers face the monster D-Line of Minnie-land in just under a month.

Tauscher is clearly an upgrade over the single-ply strength of the Allen Barbre and Daryn Colledge combo, but he aint exactly Charmin. Tauscher is recovering off season ACL surgery and probably won't be ready to start right away.

This seems like a classic desperation move but what do you think?


A.Guss said...

Ahh the dough boy is back! I heard the Pack was looking at Dorsey Levens as well....or even our favorite radio personality.....Leroy Butler!!!!!!!!

Dustin said...

He's not that old, or that doughy for that matter...but I agree with the post