Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Series Preview: Brewers vs. Cardinals

Despite the obvious fact that the Crew's season is pretty much over, it is worth noting that in 2007 the New York Mets blew the division lead and their playoff hopes in the last week of the season. So keeping in mind the fact that anything can happen, the Crew is entering a pivotal three game series with the red birds in the town of Budweiser. Yuck!!! Here is how the series is shaping up:

Tues: 7:05pm

Looper v. Pineiro

Wed: 7:15pm

Bush v. Carpenter

Thu: 1:15pm

Parra v. Smoltz

I'm sure that the Cardinals are having a collective sigh of relief knowing that they will avoid the dreaded Jeff Suppan. All things considered, I don't see why the Brewers can't win two of three. But then again, i'm a fan. Honestly, this could be ugly.


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Gregor said...

I'll be taking vacation to drive down and watch the game on Thursday. Go Brewers!