Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chris Berman is Ruining My Life Again

Well he's at it again. By dodging NFL Live and all of the other programs he is associated with, I have managed to stay away from the most annoying man in sports. Until now, that is. I just flipped on the first *real* day of college football to see him as a spokesman for Nutrisystem. Nononononononono! This was going to be a magical, exciting day. Now I am faced with the reality that I will be seeing Berman in these commercials 7,000 times over the next 5 months, literally. And yes, the commercial is as bad as it sounds. He pulls out the "Back Back Back Back Back GONE" in reference to the 40 pounds he lost on Nutrisystem. Dude, you're still overweight; by a bunch. He also went on to say that being an announcer for 39 years has made him larger than life. Your ego is showing again Chris (shocking I know). And none of those meals look good at all. They look like a plastic disaster. Also, how did Nutrisystem chemically engineer their food to make things like pizza and chocolate GOOD for you? "Look less obese on the outside while destroying your insides" should be their actual slogan. However, even this major setback will not deter me from one of the best sports days of the year. GO IRISH!


Dustin said...

haha, nice. If Nutrisystem wants to advertise, they should stick to the Jillian Barberie ads they used a awhile back.

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