Monday, September 7, 2009

Giants bowled over by Prince

If it isn't the St. Louis Cardinals irritated with the Crew untucking their uniforms, its the SF Giants angry about the bowling ball celebration in yesterday's walk off HR win for Fielder and the Crew.

"Did you see that celebration?" bench coach Ron Wotus asked. "You would like to think professionals would have a lot more respect for the game and their opponents. That was choreographed."

You can read more at the San Francisco Chronicle "Fielder celebration irks some players".

That was quite odd to see, and maybe more odd how Bob Uecker called the celebration. The fact is, he didn't even say much. I had no idea what had happened, and then I saw the celebration on TV. I think the Crew needs to stop coming up with celebrations and win some games. Big moment yesterday, but with no hope for the pennant the celebration does look a bit outlandish.

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Dustin said...

I think it was great. In fact, I think it is better since they are not in the hunt (and would be worse if they were). The Brewers are officially playing to just have some fun...why not. I think its great.