Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Weekend Locker Room

And we’re back.  However, to be honest I leave for Costa Rica in a week so we’ll see where that takes us.

So where do we start?

Well, the Green Bay Packers have decided to wear the UGLIEST uniform ever next season.  They’ll be re-creating the 1929 uniform, the year they won their first World Championship. (Via

The Bucks are on quite the run with beating Cleveland, Boston, and now Utah.  Alex, from Brew Hoop discusses Milwaukee’s new high point. 

So Kobe started the trend, then LeBron followed.  Now we have, Agent Imposter switching to #6 as well.  Not sure why Mr. Arena’s would change his number since who knows when he’ll be on the court.  The real story is that former Marquette standout Wesley Matthews will be giving up #23 and switching to #11 to honor his mother. 

Brewer Fans, meet Rolando Valles.  He is the Latin American liaison for the club.  (via Brewers Beat)

Michael Hunt believes the Brewers season hangs in the balance of Manny Parra’s performance.  The way I see it, in 27 appearances he had a 6.36 ERA, he can’t do much worse than that!

It still may be early in Spring, but who will win the two bench spots and the backup catcher position?  Wisconsin Sports Tap weighs in on this issue. 

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