Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is Jeff Suppan Public Enemy #1?

,If you listen to Milwaukee radio, you would think so.  Both WTMJ and  WSSP discussed Jeff Suppan’s role in the Brewer’s pisuptching rotation.  With Yovani Gallardo getting his first opening day start, the question is will Jeff Suppan being your fifth pitcher?

With Gallardo, Wolf, Double D, and Parra penciled in the first four spots of the rotation, will Suppan’s $12.5 MM contract make him the fifth?  I hope not. 

His spring training has been nothing to write home about, what will Doug Melvin do?

Wisconsin Sports Tap predicts Suppan will not be in the starting rotation. 

Never enjoyed Economics in College?  In Between Hops explains sunk cost when it comes to Jeff Suppan.

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