Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brewer's Rumor Mill - Tom Glavine Edition

Tom Glavine was essentially just given the Trevor Hoffman (dare I say Brett Favre?) treatment by the Atlanta Braves. He was told by Atlanta that he is done pitching for them, but could retire a Brave if he wanted to. Glavine apparently thinks he still has some gas in the tank though, and asked to be released instead. At 40, he is not what he used to be, but from all the reports he was throwing well in his rehab starts in the minors. Which leaves 29 other teams in the league pondering..."do we"?

Now, I've written a couple posts about possible pitchers the Brewers might look into going after on the trade market, but I have to wonder if Melvin is stroking his mustache with this possibility. To get a Hall of Fame pitcher without giving up any talent in the farm...I guarantee it has crossed his mind a few times already.

To me, it is a no lose situation, if he doesn't perform or reinjures himself, well, we go back to what we had then and move on from there. However, if he is the wily pitcher we know he can be, then it can only help. People are arguing that he is: old, washed up, nothing left in the tank... However, all these arguments sound familiar, like these words were being said just this spring, *cough*Hoffman*cough*.

Sure, Glavine isn't going to dazzle anyone, not anymore. He is a smart pitcher that can nibble corners, frustrating hitters to no end (would be especially effective with the younger NL Central hitters). He's not going to shut anyone down, but he will keep his team in the game, and with the Brewer's bats, that is all Milwaukee can ask for. Plus his experience would be invaluable for the younger pitchers to learn from.

So, if this was to be Melvin's splash, what would have to happen? I talked a couple times about trading away Parra. I want to let the record stand that I like Manny Parra, and I think he can be a dominant pitcher in the majors. The Brewers though can't wait around forever for him to get it right, at least not this year. The best option then, is they try to move him back to AAA to work it all out. This seemed to do wonders for Dave Bush last year, and in 2007 Rickie Weeks woke up a little after being sent down. When Parra is finally brought back up, hopefully we see the pitcher we know/want him to be.

It wouldn't be the big move that some people are waiting/hoping for, but it would be a move intended on bettering the team. With a young team poised for another playoff run, I don't think Glavine would mind signing on with Milwaukee either. With less risk than reward, it would make sense for the Brewers.

I can't say that it would for sure put the Brewers over the top, but I personally wouldn't be opposed. I think though if it is going to be done, it should be done quick, so we can start Glavine against the Braves this upcoming series in Atlanta. What a storyline that would be!

2:25 PM update - Doug Melvin on 620TMJ has said he doesn't want Glavine. While GM's aren't strangers to misleading the press, I think this probably does kill this thought for the most part.

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