Saturday, May 23, 2009

Put 'em in pads

I'm not sure what made me think of this, maybe an offhand comment Brian Anderson or some odd train of thought. So here's what I was thinking, if you put the Milwaukee Brewers on a football field, where would all your favorite players line-up? Well here's how I think it would go...

Quarterback - J.J. Hardy - The quarterback is the face of the team, so at least you'd bring in the female fanbase. He'd probably be solid in the pocket but not too good when scrambling. J.J. is not exactly fleet of foot but his arm makes up for his speed.

Running Back - Rickie Weeks - I know Corey Hart is the fastest on the team, but Rickie can run a bit too. Just run a toss play and watch him go, there are no errors in football.

Wide Receiver - Corey Hart - At 6'6" and with great speed just throw the ball deep and let him catch it. Something tells me we wouldn't see him going over the middle though.

Wide Receiver - Ryan Braun - Wideout is the diva position, not that Braun is a diva. But to borrow from a previous post on this blog, I think that is the position that could most contain his "swagger." And yes, I would fully expect to hear "give me the damn ball."

Safety - Mike Cameron - Cam can run down everything, with his speed he'd be a ball hawk in the defensive backfield. I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to go over the middle against him.

Middle Linebacker - Jason Kendall - Captain of the Defense, he knows where everyone will be and exactly what to do to stop an offense. I have a feeling he would not be averse to laying out a running back either.

Defensive Lineman - Prince Fielder - I would not want to be the quarterback that Prince is targeting. Once he get's going he'll bowl over the O-line and not stop until the quarterback is picking himself up off the turf.

Backup Quarterback - Jeff Suppan - I can't really explain this one, but something about Suppan just screams "Doug Pederson" to me.

Tight End - Seth McClung - Probably more of a blocking tight end, McClung is 6'6" and 262 lbs. Send him over the middle and I don't know how many people would want to challenge him. He doesn't strike me as someone averse to contact either.

Kicker - Trevor Hoffman - Not a big guy, really you wonder what he's doing on the field. But he does one thing so well that the team wouldn't survive without him.

Any thoughts, differences or disagreements?

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@diddy05 said...

haha, hilarious! Coffey as the fullback, just get him in his sprint and let Rickie follow right behind

A.Guss said...

Packer fans would love Doug Melvin over Teddy.........

dbauhs said...

I like it! Suppan as the backup quarterback is dead on.

Bill Hall as a D-Back, but likely more of a special teamer thanks to his boneheaded mistakes on the field that keep him from getting more than situational playing time.

A.Guss said...

bill hall = carroll

dbauhs said...

Yeah, that's pretty much who I had in mind when I typed that.